Creating your Custom Designs

The decorative component of a project starts with a design in the form of an outline image, which we can create for you or we can use existing artwork. We access a variety of resources to provide solutions for our clients. Once finalized, our art department adds color to the design according to your specifications.

Bringing the Design to the Tile

We use Silk-Screens as a patterned guide when transferring the design onto the bisque “Sima” tile. This creates a resistance barrier that prevents the various glaze colors from blending together during the kiln firing process. This ensures that your design and color selections are achieved exactly as envisioned.

Creating Glazes

Glaze determines, more than any other component, the characteristic look, color and finish of custom tile. The variety of colors and textures created are the result of using precise quantities of select compounds, each of which has a different reaction to varying levels of heat. Custom color matches are our specialty. We also offer a complete selection of pre-developed color glazes. We provide our clients with all of the best options to complete their project with the desired visual impact.

Applying the Glaze

Our skilled artisans take great care in applying the glaze to each section of your custom tile. This is necessary to ensure that the colors do not cross the resistance barrier and prevents the colors from blending during the firing process. The time-consuming process of hand glazing each individual tile brings unique handcrafted qualities to distinguish the project.

Firing the Tile

Glaze colorings are indistinguishable prior to firing. The transformation into one of hundreds of colors occurs only after it is fired in the kiln.  Due to advances in technology, we have the ability to precisely control, balance and time the firing process in a way that was not possible in the past. The control of heat, spacing and volume are vital components when two or more finishes are applied to the same tile. For example, a blue glaze with a glossy finish may be placed next to a green glaze with a satin finish, or next to a cream glaze with a matte finish, or next to a metallic glaze, etc.

Assuring Quality

After the tile is fired and removed from the kiln, each tile is carefully inspected for quality. For larger projects and murals, the tiles are individually numbered to ensure accuracy of installation.  We provide a detailed Installation & Maintenance Outline with each project. Our complete process is executed so that your tile will retain its beauty and durability for many, many years to come.